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Discovering Le Marche: Rossodisera Review


From Partnership Magazine – Spring issue 2016 – Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK By Amy Lee The restaurant featuring in this edition takes us on a journey of discovery, from Covent Garden to Italy’s little-known region of Le Marche, located on the eastern side of central Italy stretching between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. Rossodisera is tucked…

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Ortaia Pergola DOC Terracruda Winery from Marche


From The World of ABC Economics – Monthly News Bulletin from abceconomics.com – No. 3 – February 2016 By Daniela Damiano Wine characteristics do not just rely on terroir but on the combination of the latter with grape variety and vinification skills. This month DANIELA DAMIANO discovers what makes Ortaia Pergola DOC Terracruda Winery from…

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Ted fancies a dinner date near a tube station

truffle pasta

… I didn’t know that I did actually though until The Doll came home with a Morgan Price infographic that rather helpfully shows the average price of a meal using a selection of London’s tube stations as reference points. Zoom in on a tube station and you’ll see what I mean. She said “let’s see…

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I sapori marchigiani conquistano la City


Mondo Lavoro Magazine, 7 Dec 2015 by Asmae Dachan Con il ristorante Rossodisera e l’azienda di import Sibilla Food Importers Igor Iacopini ha portato i sapori della regione del Picchio a Londra e nel Regno Unito: un successo non solo gastronomico, ma anche culturale. I sapori marchigiani ambasciatori a Londra: vuole raccontarci come è nata…

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Glass Of Bubbly issue 9, 2015

roberto intervista rosso1

- What is the most popular sparkling wine at Rossodisera? There are a couple of very popular sparkling wines at Rossodisera: an elegant, dry and mineral Passerina‎ Brut, ‎produced using 100% Passerina, a local white berry variety from Le Marche Region, central-eastern Italy. And a tasty pink ‎sparkling wine obtained from 100% Vernaccia di Serrapetrona another local variety,…

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Rossodisera @ Covent Garden


Authentic Italian food – one of the gems recommended to me by a close Italian friend. Small and cosy wooden tables with minimalistic decor. Salami charcuterie. The bread is soft and crusty at fine point, salami and charcuterie was not too fatty and the cheese was perfect. I’m not one for cold starters but I…

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Le Marche a Londra: Rossodisera


Le Marche a Londra: Rossodisera By Luca Luciani Passeggiando per le vie di Londra, a due passi dalla storica piazza di Covent Garden e dal British Museum, si scopre, al termine Monmouth Street, un angolo culinario molto familiare: Rossodisera. Fra una miriade di cucine e culture che si mescolano nella metropoli londinese germoglia questo piccolo…

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Carlino Fermo 7 gennaio 2014 modificata - ridotta

Al Rossodisera in tavola solo prodotti Marchigiani “Prendiamo gli Inglesi per la gola” di Angelica Malvatani Da Fermo a Londra per conquistare gli Inglesi grazie ai sapori Marchigiani. E’ la storia di tre giovani del fermano che hanno inventato “Rossodisera”, un ristorante che propone cucina rigorosamente marchigiana nel centro di Londra. Un grande successo. A…

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Il Resto del Carlino 22/10/2014

Il Resto del Carlino, 22.10.14-page1

Tra gli inglesi va di moda un invito speciale “Andiamo a Cena dai Marchigiani” di Vittorio Bellagamba Lasciarsi Fermo alle spalle, andare a Londra e prendere gli Inglesi per la gola. Il ristorante “Rossodisera” é la scommessa di tre giovani: Igor Iacopini e Samuele Ciaralli di Fermo e Roberto Traini Giulianini di Grottazzolina Come avete…

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Excellent Restaurant Downstairs by Joanna Haber


[…] Le Marche is one of the many (20) regions in Italy that I didn’t know existed. I’ve been to Italy once – to Venice, as an exchange student, when I was fifteen. We stayed in a converted convent, drank a lot of contraband alcohol, and played mean tricks on the kids who fell asleep first. It wasn’t…

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