Welcome to a taste of Le Marche

Rossodisera @ Covent Garden

Authentic Italian food – one of the gems recommended to me by a close Italian friend.

Small and cosy wooden tables with minimalistic decor.

Salami charcuterie.
The bread is soft and crusty at fine point, salami and charcuterie was not too fatty and the cheese was perfect. I’m not one for cold starters but I did enjoy this very much along with the homemade jams.


CeReale beer – the darker one is the original stronger one and the light one had a slight honey ale taste. Very smooth and sweet to the right extent! Will recommend for someone who isn’t usually a beer person but wants a refreshing drink that’s not too sweet.

Dessert: homemade chocolate sponge cake, light and spongy – you’ll feel like you’re having a “healthy” dessert!

I got the Tagliatelle with prawns and fish of the day. The prawns were so tender and succulent, whilst the fish (sea bass) was so fresh it melted in my


The truffles pasta was definitely the best I’ve ever had. The truffle sauce is divine and the little pieces of truffles melt in your mouth along with the soft and chewy tagliatelle.

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