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Le Marche

Le Marche, the plural region in the heart of both Covent Garden and Hampstead

Le Marche (lay-Mar-kay) lay shy and secluded in Central Italy, between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines. A land of poets and artists, beaches and hills, truffles, grapes and olive groves, medieval towns and villages filled with art and history, it’s no surprise that Le Marche are called the Plural Region, as they are the only Italian Region named with a plural noun.

The quality of the local produce is so impressive that one of the most known appetisers is the simple Pa’ cu l’ojo (freshly baked bread and extra virgin olive oil), as it is informally called by the people of Ancona, the capital of the Marche region.

Prosciutto, ciauscolo and ​lonza, are a few of the traditional cured meats from Le Marche. From the antipasti to the desserts, the authentic character of such a varied regional cuisine emerges. Its peasant origins are still identifiable in the layered, mouthwatering textures rich on the palate. Cheese, wine, cured meats, olive oil, homemade pastas and breads all have a unique and distinct character and so have the regional recipes.

Le Marche is un dolce naufragar, the plunge into sweet, refreshing depths poetically described by the great Marchigiano Giacomo Leopardi.

Photos by ©Francesco Paci


Remarkable Marche!

Know where your food comes from.
Meet some of our authentic Marchigiano suppliers

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Chosen by us

We choose the best our territory can offer, driven by a sense of regional belonging. Our products are accurately picked to give you an unforgettable #marchigiano experience..

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Always authentic

Only 100% Made in Marche! Quality, values, tradition and authenticity are essential to us as fundamental ingredients of our recipes. Come and taste Le Marche.

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Le Marche? Remarkable!

Follow the waves, chase the hills, climb the mountains, taste #LeMarche.
Take a culinary journey through one of the hidden Italian gems, the discoveries won’t let you down.

We proudly specialise in bringing to London a selection of our high quality wines, cured meats, cheeses, extravirgin olive oil, pasta and more.

Our focus is on small winemakers, farmers, dairies and butchers from le Marche region, in central Italy.

Because we personally know every single one of them, their traditional producing methods and ultimately the quality of their products.

Giusti, Tenuta Cocci Grifoni, Vini Firmanum, Terre di San Ginesio, Terracruda, Tenuta dell’Ugolino, Boccafosca, Libenzi, Fattoria Forano and more

We are proud to be offering the Lacrima by Giusti, a family run winery from the vineyards of Morro d’Alba and Montignano, in the Province of Ancona. Environmentally sustainable wines by the historic vineyards of Tenuta Cocci Grifoni are also part of our curated selection, together with Vini Firmanum, Terre di San Ginesio and Terracruda, with their “bianchello” and “red vernaccia”. The organic Verdicchio from both Tenuta del’Ugolino and Boccafosca. The historical production from Fattoria Forano offering beautiful blends of indigenous grapes.

These are only few of the Wineries that we personally selected knowing their production since many years now.

Frantoio Agostini

Frantoio Agostini produces extra virgin olive oil since 1945, a family run company now run by the third generation of Agostinis, in the Valle dell’Aso, Fermo.

Cereale beer

“Not the usual beer” is their tagline, and it’s true! Naturally brewed in Monte Giberto, Fermo, the family run business exports in the UK exclusively for Rossodisera. The unparalleled attention and quality to every step of the production from planting the seeds to shipping the product, made us fall in love with Cereale Beer, which is now part of Rossodisera family.

Martarelli Formaggi, Caseificio Piandelmedico and Fontegranne

Our curated selection of dairy products reveal the best that Le Marche can offer. All products are 100% genuine, their rich taste representing the variety of the Marchigiano territory.
We selected Mortarelli Formaggi for the artisanal techniques that distinguish their production, Caseificio Piandelmedico with its 30 different variety of cheeses, and Fontegranne, a family-owned biodynamic farm which manages all stages of milk production, up to cheese making and sale.

Varnelli and Anisetta Meletti

Le Marche is full of excellent and traditional productions, and the well-known Distilleria Varnelli, in Pievebogliana, Macerata, is one of the most famous Italian brands in the world for its amazing art of craft spirits. Founded in 1868 by Girolamo Varnelli, it was the very first in the region to obtain a license for the processing of alcoholic products.
Anisetta Meletti is a high alcoholic liquor obtained by the distillation of aniseeds. Served with ice and water or with espresso coffee, it’s also great with cakes and cocktails.

Explore the full menu to discover the taste of Le Marche