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Wed, 3rd May 2023 Gab B

“Farmer me, my father, my grandfather and much more behind”, this is what Eros Scarafoni use to say.

The Fontegranne farm was born in 1968 when Eros Father, Alfredo, then a sharecropper, bought the first 9 hectares of land with the farmhouse and the stable with Marchigiana breed animals.

Four years later La Frisona joined the company and the milk production began.

In the meantime, Eros completed his studies at the Agricultural Institute and later specialized in the dairy industry in Reggio Emilia.
It was 1984 when Eros devoted completely to the company and to breeding, the cheeses will arrive later.
In 2000, production began and with it the search for “caci persi” (lost cheese) and “caci inventati” (invented cheese) : “my cheeses!” states Eros. “I am attached to them as to children”.

Eros Scarafoni

Who Azienda Agricola Fontegranne
Where Amandola (FM)
main products Typical cheese from le Marche
Notes Artisanal production
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