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About BrodettoFest

About BrodettoFest
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1-4 June 2023

NEWS 2023

We are in Fano, in the heart of the Marche region, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, the third most populated city in the region after the capital Ancona and the neighbouring Pesaro, the Italian Capital of Culture 2024. We are about 45 km from Urbino, the birthplace of Raffaello Sanzio, and the cradle of the Italian Renaissance.

The city of Fano takes its Latin name from a temple dedicated to the Goddess Fortuna, Fanum Fortunae, which was present at the time of its Roman foundation. The monumental Arch of Augustus, which has always been the symbol of the city and gateway to the ancient Via Flaminia was built at the point where the Via Flaminia joins the city’s decumanus maximus. The monument is dated to 9 A.D., according to the inscription on the frieze. Archaeology is a mark of Fano’s cultural identity. Added to this is the strong link between the city and Vitruvius. Fano is the only city where the author of De Architectura claims to have erected a building, the recently discovered Vitruvius’ Basilica.

Fano is well connected to its nearest airports Ancona – Falconara (50 km), Bologna (150 km) and Rimini Miramare (50 km). From July 2023, it will also be possible to fly to London Gatwick airport from Ancona again, with two flights a week until the end of October. One more advantage for introducing incoming passengers to Fano and the Marche region, a popular destination for British visitors.

Looking out over the sea, with its Blue Flag for Italy’s most beautiful beaches and Green Flag for those suitable for children, in Fano nature embraces fine culture and the fascination of a thousand-year history, to make the city the ideal destination for a holiday for adults and children alike.
Fano boasts a fishing culture that has been handed down from generation to generation. A culture to which we want to give a starring role and prominence that knows how to keep this rich and precious world alive. Fano’s sea is also a distinctive feature of the economy, so much so that the port is one of the Adriatic’s main landmarks. The harbour is fringed by the colourful fishermen’s cottages, the El Gugul quarter, central to both the economic activities and the social composition of the city, which has an ancient gastronomic tradition. Brodetto is one of the tastiest and best-known fish soups in Italy.

Fano’s BrodettoFest, the International Brodetto and Fish Soup Festival, announces a special edition for 2023 to celebrate the Adriatic’s iconic dish.

The event, organised by Confesercenti, in collaboration with the Municipality of Fano, supported by the Marche Region, the Marche Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty – Masaf, will ignite the festival in the City of Fortune on 1, 2, 3 and 4 June, ushering in the summer throughout the entire Marche Region with one of the most eagerly anticipated events on the Italian gastronomic and cultural scene.

NEWS 2023
Big news this year is the International Brodetto And Fish Soup Competition. A one-of-a-kind event in Italy, bringing together all the Italian Brodetto regions in Fano. On the Adriatic and Ionian sides, we have Marche, Puglia, and Veneto, and on the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian sides, we have Liguria, Tuscany, and Lazio. Not just a competition but also plenty of good food for all those who love tasty soups based on this delicious ingredient, packed with vital nutrients, which will be washed down with the best wines from the Italian regions.
An entirely new and fragrant space dedicated to wines makes its debut with BRODETTO&WINE: the best wines from the surrounding area on an exclusive stage with a focus on the DOC and DOCG wines from the Marche region. A land dedicated to the cultivation of vines and the production of great wines, which is not just a product here, but a cult, just as it is a ritual to sit down at the table and enjoy the finest traditional gastronomic products: truffles, cured meats, cheeses and the casciotta d’Urbino PDO, much loved by Michelangelo Buonarroti.
Brodetto alla fanese is the star of the event, which can be savoured throughout the Festival in the CUCINA DEI PESCATORI (Fishermen’s Kitchen). The fishermen bring the tradition of brodetto, starting out as a humble fish dish on board the fishing boats, to the table. A recipe prepared using 100% Adriatic fish certified by skilled fishermen, still representative of a thousand-year-old tradition and of economic and social values that have survived over time.

News 2023 – ANGOLO VONGOLE (clam corner) information and tasting opportunities for these nutrient-rich little molluscs with the aim of promoting a fundamental sector of Fano fishing and a driving force for the entire local fishing industry. Fano has one of the largest clam fishing fleets in Italy, with about 40 clam boats, and is a reference point on the Adriatic coast for this sector, exporting the product throughout Italy and Europe.

The unmissable COOKINGSHOW at the PalaBrodetto featuring the stars of Italian cuisine is back. Michelin-starred chefs and leading television cooking personalities take turns at the cooker to wow the public with their dishes, in a reinterpretation of traditional recipes. These tasty appointments are preceded by cultural highlights with outstanding masters: ambassadors of taste who meet in Fano to share tastings, wellbeing, conviviality, memories, ethics and sustainability with the public.

BRODETTO TIME at the PALCO CENTRALE. The spotlight will be on writers, artists, painters, musicians, actors, scientists, and presenters of topical issues as well as those of public interest. Prominent national and international guests provide entertainment and performances. Over time, BrodettoFest has attracted major personalities from the world of culture and current affairs to Brodetto Time’s big stage to talk about cooking, the sea, the environment, the local area, but above all a love of good and beautiful things.

The BRODETTOLAB, always a format for success, will also be held at the Palabrodetto: “Impastare il brodetto, storie lievitate da assaggiare lievemente”, (Mixing the brodetto, light-hearted stories to taste lightly) a creative workshop with meditative tasting.

We go out to sea with BRODETTOBOAT, the motorboat Queen Elisabeth, to find out more about clam fishing. The excursions (each lasting one and a half hours), departing from the port of Fano, are guided by Professor Corrado Piccinetti, former director of the Laboratory of Marine Biology and Fishing at the University of Bologna. A tour offering an up-close look at the sea and the activity of fishermen, which has been handed down from generation to generation.
The Simonetti Promenade will be home to aromas and flavours in unusual combinations with the STREET FOOD BRO dedicated to pizza al brodetto, a winning combination of the typical fish used in the Fano soup and the effortless bite of pizza along with plenty of other fish specialities.

There will be a host of activities for children thanks to BRODETTO&KIDS IN COLLABORATION WITH MASAF. The recreational-educational project which engages the youngest children in discovering the sea and its inhabitants and learning about fishing and healthy eating. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry – Masaf has been supporting the project for about five years with the aim of raising awareness among the younger generations about the marine world and the importance of its biodiversity. The format is popular because it uses play as a means to bring children closer to the world of the sea through creative, activity and performance workshops.

The FUTURE OF THE SEA AND LOCAL FISHING will be the subject of events reserved for in-depth analysis, with various meetings focusing on a single theme: safeguarding the sea and the catch. Aimed at sector professionals, fishermen, representatives of fishing cooperatives, researchers, biologists, journalists and trade associations.

SUSTAINABLE ACTIVITIES FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Numerous, worthwhile collaborations with national and local environmental associations have been set up to offer activities and workshops aimed at focusing attention on marine pollution and the human impact that significantly modifies the ecosystem, from the plastics (microplastics) present in the sea and also found in some fish species, to climate change that modifies the behaviour of some particularly sensitive species, such as sea turtles.