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Marche – diversity, beauty and …

Marche – diversity, beauty and …
Sat, 11th February 2023 Gab B
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from Decanter

Marche – diversity, beauty and relaxed sophistication

An invitation to discover a unique mosaic of terroirs and appellations, led by Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi

by Decanter Staff – November 28, 2022

Rising from the Adriatic coast to the eastern slopes of the Apennine mountains, Marche is a place where different elements meet, to shape a diverse and complex landscape.

The sea’s turquoise waters and the snow-peaked mountains are testament to these opposing natural forces that conspire to create one of Italy’s most fascinating regions. Marche has a surprising and filigreed diversity, with different terroirs, mesoclimates and indigenous grapes, translated into a rich winemaking tradition. Unlike its western neighbours, the region is home to multiple varieties and wine styles, which have evolved through centuries of trade and exchange with the many cultures that crossed the Mediterranean.

At the heart of Italy, the region occupies a strategic and symbolic place in the country’s history and soul – not merely reflected in its wine and gastronomic heritage but also, and fundamentally, in the lives and spirits of the people of Marche.

Sinuous roads serpentine through the hills, dotted with old mediaeval castles, Renaissance villas and picturesque villages. Combed by the precise lines of vinerows and plowed fields, the hills rise gently to the Apennines, where it is possible to ski while overlooking the Adriatic coast. Adventurous hikers are rewarded with fantastic vistas and stops at historical landmarks, while beach lovers enjoy the sea’s soft touch and the whisper of the eastern winds. All this is Marche, with its relaxed sophistication and unpretentious beauty.

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